Selected Creative Works

The year my father died, I became a writer. Then, the year my mother died, I became a performer.


Choreographed by Cherie Hill

Photographed by Robbie Sweeny

She-Verse, a multi-media piece inspired by drifting water, land, ancestors, bravery, and eco-feminism.

A Conversation with Choreographer Cherie Hill of IrieDance

Audio produced by Lashon A. Daley

Video produced by Ben Dillon

Photo by Robbie Sweeny

Click here to watch the video.

How We Play

Choreographed by Lashon A. Daley

Performed by Joyce Chan, Lashon A. Daley, Kyra Katagi

How We Play focuses on the movement narratives that are developed when learning the rules of social engagement.

Will This Work?

Choreographed by Lashon A. Daley

Performed by Joyce Chan and Tanvi Mongia

The Carter Sisters

Written by Lashon A. Daley

Directed by Ra Malika Imhotep

The Carter Sisters is a play about the sisterhood of Tiana and Lorraine Carter as they grapple with the recent death of their mother through their artistic practices—Tiana through her spoken-word poetry and Lorraine through her playwriting. However, offstage, their relationship is stifling and combative. As they work to reconcile their relationship, their estranged father is released from his 20-year stint in prison and wants to become a part of their lives again.


Choreographed by josé a. nuño
Performed by Lashon A. Daley and josé a. nuño
Photographed by Julia Save

Eye of the Storm

Written and Performed by Lashon A. Daley

Eye of the Storm is a retrospection on grief in the face of the relentless power of nature. Beginning on August 24, 1992, Lashon’s monologue spans 32 years as she recollects the memories of her deceased parents and imagines her future self as a survivor of life’s many storms, making this whirlwind of an autobiography a lesson on loss and survival.

Call & Response

Written and Performed by Lashon A. Daley
Photographed by Alessandra Mello

Stories&Slams Podcast Archive

Stories&Slams is a podcast that focuses on the story behind the words. Whether a personal tale or a paragraph read from a favorite literary text, Stories&Slams celebrates the magic and power of the spoken word.

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